• 1037 Dean Street
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11238
  • United States


Founded by CUNY students Chris Zumtobel and David Kurfirst in March 2015, with a class in their living room, they have now held over 200 Olios at more than 30 locations. After they realized the disparity between what great teachers offer and how little they are paid, Chris and David wanted to make sure that they compensated teachers well while staying dedicated to keeping Olio prices low. 

These Olios are open to all curious people, regardless of educational background.

April 30th Event at Dean Machine:


Learning is in peril! Schools are in crisis! In our neoliberal era, privatization, standardization, metrics-driven curricula, and Betsy DeVos threaten to dismantle public education and eradicate critical teaching and learning. Paranoia and panic about the future of education abounds, but the effects of neoliberalization on teaching and learning will extend far beyond the classroom. Together, we will read Wendy Brown’s Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution (2015) to discuss what is ultimately at stake when the neoliberal rationality transforms education (hint: it’s the entire democratic system of governance!)

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Learning is in peril!: Treating Students like Data, Privitization & Betsy DeVos are Dismantling Public Education