To keep you and all our members safe and our spaces functioning, we require all members to read and agree to the guidelines below:



• NEVER open the door or let anyone into the spaces who you don’t know.

• No one is allowed in the space without being accompanied by a member.

• We rely on members to help keep our front doors closed for everyone's security.


• If you are the last to leave, or don’t see anyone working, TURN LIGHTS OFF.

• Our spaces are open 24/7, but we really don’t like to waste energy.

• This is true in the middle of the day as well. Never assume someone else may be coming in later in the day.


• NEVER leave dirty dishes in sinks.

• All members are responsible for cleaning their own dishes.

• All utensil holders are self draining, please put forks, knives, and spoons directly into their holders.


• Work Heights, proudly composts and uses you beautiful waste to make our gardens better every season.

• Please put all food scraps in the freezer’s compost pot.

• There is a compost container at both locations.

• For the full list of what can and cannot be compost, please check the guidelines link below.


The Work Heights GUIDELINES contain lots of helpful information about your membership and how to use all our resources. You can find the full list of guidelines, including Wifi Passwords and our guest policy in the Member Portal HERE.