SOFAR is a global music community. It stands for Songs From a Room and it was started by some friends in London who wanted to enjoy live music in a more intimate environment. SOFAR connects musicians and event spaces, (like ours) for magical evenings of live music.

We LOVE Sofar. We host 2-3 of them a month.

See upcoming shows and buy tickets HERE. Free for members.

We've had some great acts here. Past shows at Work Heights include:

Gus Dapperton, Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, Dayan, Ellen Winter, Best Behavior, Gracie and Rachel, People's Champs, Uni Ika Ai, SISTERS, BETS, Gracie and Rachel, David Pollack, Loona Dae, The Beatbox House, Henry Black, Darius Christian, Savon Bartley, Hunter & Wolfe, Anna Rose, Kingdom Jasmine, Los Makenzy, Vinegar Mother, Good Looking Friends, MICKY, Florio, Merrily James, Amalia Watty, Atlas Engine, Todd Lewis Kramer, Evelyn Cools, Crown, Gold Feather, Matt Sucich, Shira

SOFAR Sounds Photo Credit: Tucker Mitchell