Empanadas and sangria, made the authentic Dominican way.

Puerto Viejo Restaurant is a Dominican Bistro located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Upon entering you are greeted with the mouth-watering aroma of our delicious Dominican cuisine and the atmosphere transports you to an old port in La Hispaniola, which today is known as the Dominican Republic.
Here at Puerto Viejo, we serve flavorful food that feels like it has been cooked from the comfort of your own home.

Puerto Viejo is a family restaurant that has been operating for 30 years. The owner (The Father in the family) emigrated from the Dominican Republic in 1978 and worked tirelessly as a dishwasher and busboy until he saved enough to realize his dream. In 1984, he opened his own Dominican luncheonette and offered his family’s favorite dishes – pernil, baked chicken, beef stew, rice / beans, maduros and tostones!  In 2012 a fire destroyed the restaurant and he was forced to shut down. After the fire, his children got involved and created the concept of Puerto Viejo Dominican Bistro. The restaurant reopened with the same menu and kitchen crew, but with a remodeled interior and new management, (the kids).

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