Not just a great restaurant, they roast their own coffee, which we serve at Work Heights. A win win win.

From the owner Rafael:

My introduction to coffee startedback when I was about 9 years old. I remember running home from school to have some of my aunts fresh made coffee and I was forever hooked. I love the art of crafting great tasting coffee peered with great food and a relaxing environment to enjoy it in. I can remember the smell of the coffee cooking on the stove like it was yesterday. We did not have a modern electric grinder, we would manually grind the coffee. It was hard work but the reward tasted so great. I always wanted to work in a coffee shop setting, so it was a natural progression for me to end up working in coffee shops. I am always learning new things in both fields (food and coffee). It brings great joy to have you all accompany me on this journey of great taste and new discoveries in coffee. - Hello and welcome to the Lazy IBIS.

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